Welcome! (An introduction to this site)

Welcome to the new technology site for Grand Rapids Christian High School staff! So far this we tech coaches have tried to be sensitive to the volume of email and have avoided frequent sending of tech tips and tutorials that easily get lost in the inbox. We do, however, want to find an effective way to communicate with you on a regular basis. We’ve settled on this website as means to that end and we see it serving a couple major purposes:

1 – To act as a hub for tech resources, instructions, and tutorials. A one-stop-shop!  These will be available in the tabs at the top and are categorized as ‘The Basics’ (those tools most of us use on a regular basis), and ‘Beyond the Basics’ (everything else). So far we’ve mostly focused on the basics.

2 – To communicate periodically with staff in place of email. While this certainly doesn’t mean we’ll never communicate with you through email, our goal is to keep you informed about new tools, provide food for thought, and encourage you in your integration of technology by writing a blog post each Thursday. When we do this, we’ll email you the link and this way it will be easy to see past information we’ve sent out by scanning past blog posts. In all of this, hopefully there will be less digging around through your email for that one message about that one thing a few months ago.

Lastly, we are open to your feedback. If you find this site and new format helpful, let us know. If you don’t, let us know! We are here to support and encourage you and will continue to adapt what we do in order to more effectively accomplish that goal. For the time being, we recommend you bookmark this site for future reference and stay tuned for updates!

Note: If the text anywhere on the site seems jumbled or if you are not seeing images, remember that you may need to be logged into Smoothwall in order to view the site properly. We are aware of the problem and a fix is in the works.


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